We are honored and glad to meet you in the first gathering of the congress organized by ORP Consulting and Organization. We will share and exchange views under the theme “Touching the Art in All Aspects”. We hope that many scientists both from Turkey and other world countries will be with us and share their opinions, knowledge and experience within the framework of the universality of science and art. Our main purpose is to blend the effective works with other disciplines in meeting art with science and to ensure that esteemed scientists from different disciplines come together and exchange ideas. We strive to include papers from many fields such as visual arts, economy, architecture, design, sociology, education, law, philosophy, health, nature, literature and international relations in our congress within the framework of artistic and scientific effectiveness and to bring them to the scientific world. Many scientists specialized in their own fields have contributed in this organization. We would also like to thank for the interest of public institutions to our congress supported by many public and private universities. Our congress will last two days and meet science and art from different disciplines. We extend thanks to all our participants, supporters and distinguished members of the scientific world.


Assoc. Prof. Pelin AVAR KARABA          –          Assoc. Prof. Bülent SALDERAY

Co-chair                                                                      Co-chair

Hitit University                                                             Gazi University