Austen Project is an attempt to pay homage to Jane Austen’s works that nearly celebrated their 200th anniversary. As a pre-Victorian writer, Austen reflected the relationship between men and women of her time mostly by using wit and humor, often sarcastic towards interested in the earthly delights, and mostly in favor of a strong spiritual relation to the beloved one. Her works achieved to express universal reactions and interpersonal relationships among people and it can be stated that this universality through time and space earned her an attempt by contemporary writers to bring her novels up to date. The project selects mostly British, save one American, writers to create 21st century characters, situations, and environment of Austenian social structure. This study attempts to make a palimpsestic analysis of the works that take part in the project, focusing on a particular novel: Sense & Sensibility. Palimpsestic reading emerges from the word palimpsest, which describes a piece of parchment that has been written on several times. As the erased former writing can still be seen, the new text also reflects traces of an older manuscript. Likewise, novels of Austen Project, even though they show a contemporary portrait of characters and environment, still reflect universality. The aim of this study is to highlight similar aspects which overlap between the two texts will be pointed out and evaluated.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Jane Austen, Joanna Trollope, Austen Project, Sense and Sensibility, Palimpsest, Palimpsestic Reading